The project consortium has been constructed in such a way as to provide all of the necessary expertise and resources to meet the objectives of the HeatSculptor project. The SME supply chain, the RTDP performers and the relevant industry knowledge necessary for HeatSculptor are spread across 5 European countries.

The Heat‐Sculptor consortium contains 4 groups of companies and organisations:

  • The Project Managers (CT); will oversee the project and use their extensive knowledge of heat exchanger design and manufacture to guide the research within the project and validate the Heat‐Sculptor technology.
  • The Equipment Suppliers/Supply-Chain (CT, WLB, and AQ); Are a group of companies (3 SMEs) who are capable of delivering the cost-effective HeatSculptor technology to the market.
  • The RTDP Performers (TWI, CENAERO); Are expert research organisations, who are capable of providing the knowledge required to develop and commission the HeatSculptor technologies.
  • The Example End-Users (DTK); will act as ‘representative’ target companies and first customers to benefit from the HeatSculpture process. They will ensure that the heat exchangers created are suitable for industrial application.

This collaboration brings together companies that would not normally collaborate, and provides a complete supply-chain able to fully exploit the results to the benefit of Europe. The funding increases the level of resource HeatSculptor participants are able to commit to development, creating a project with sufficient funding, resources and team expertise to ensure that the technology reaches its full market potential enabling EU SMEs to compete within the world market.


Small or Medium Sized Enterprise Partner

General: COOLTECH S.r.l. design and manufacture cold plates and liquid cooling systems for power electronics. Their products have been used in temperature control systems, laser cooling, and medical equipment. COOLTECH develop all the stages of the production process from one off prototypes to high volume production. Their in-house capabilities include designing, testing, validation and assembling of cooling systems. As a specialist heat exchanger designer and manufacturing company COOLTECH deliver to a range of applications including the incorporation of CFD modelling which is an increasingly important part of their design process.
Expertise: COOLTECH offer specialised expertise for tailor made customer solutions for cooling systems with specific knowledge in hydraulics and thermal management. COOLTECH actively work on a large number of projects per year and have extensive knowledge in single client project management. They also have experience of leading research based projects funded by the Italian government. The projects have focused on the introduction of new technologies and as such have been able to increase their technical capabilities. COOLTECH are also certified to the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
Role in Project: COOLTECH will coordinate the project and provide full project management support to the project. They will also provide expert knowledge into the generation of design rules for surface design and will use their test rig to assess the performance of the surfaces created. They will compare heat transfer coefficient data with that from a current state-of-the-art heat exchanger.
WLB Ltd.

Small or Medium Sized Enterprise Partner

General: WLB Ltd specializes in technology and consulting services offering a complete spectrum of solutions in the fields of software development and consulting services for the telecommunications technology and information technology sectors.
Expertise: WLB has an impressive track record in the implementation of software solutions for engineering problems including: Automation services & integration, Computerised engineering services, embedded software programming, and web based applications.
Role in Project: WLB will offer advice and testing on the integration of modelling outputs into the surface processing pattern design software.
Aquasium Technology Ltd.

Small or Medium Sized Enterprise Partner

General: Aquasium Technology Ltd, trading as CVE, designs and builds process solutions and has more than 50 years’ experience manufacturing Electron Beam (EB) systems. CVE’s range of EB welding equipment includes systems ranging from 50 to 200kV with beam powers up to 100kW. Aquasium Technology operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.
Expertise: Aquasium Technology has a team of designers and engineers to enable them to design and build bespoke manufacturing equipment to meet their customer’s requirements. They have experience in delivering into various industries.
Role in Project: Aquasium Technology will provide an EB surface treatment equipment design outline and specification for a machine that will be capable of addressing the target products in this project. Aquasium Technology will also manage the exploitation and dissemination activities of the project.
DTK Electronics

Small or Medium Sized Enterprise Partner

General: DTK design, develop and manufacture telecommunication and cable TV network equipment, optical equipment, test & measurement equipment and cable TV network management systems.
Expertise: DTK has experience in the upgrade and manufacture of telecommunications network equipment and the design of custom specified equipment.
Role in Project: DTK will be involved in the choice of demonstrator product, defining the heat exchange requirements and validating the performance of the prototype heat exchanger against the current state of the art.

Research and Technology Development Partner

General: TWI is one of the world’s foremost research and technology organisations providing technical support in welding, joining, material science, structural integrity, NDT, surfacing and packaging. Services include R&D, technical information, technology transfer, training and qualification. TWI is actively involved in a number of successful FP7 projects in EB technology including Research for the Benefit of SME projects ‘RingMan’, ‘HiResEBM’ and ‘FastEBM’ which each focus on EB welding or additive manufacturing innovative developments.
Expertise: TWI has a dedicated team 17 staff directly investigating EB welding, surface processing and system integration including related engineering technologies and has experience in applying them in a wide range of industry sectors. TWI invented, and is considered to be the primary Global developer of, the Surfi-Sculpt® technique.
Role in Project: TWI will provide research and development activities into the project, concerning the development of EB Surfi-Sculpt surface processing and its application to heat exchangers. TWI will also support in the role of Technical Manager.

Research and Technology Development Partner

General: CENAERO (CENTRE DE RECHERCHE EN AERONAUTIQUE ASBL) is a non-profit, private research organization aimed at providing state-of-the-art simulation tools to industry. It is meant to be a bridge between universities and research organizations by developing, industrializing and applying novel simulation techniques and optimization tools. Mainly targeted towards the aeronautical industry and in particular turbopropulsion, activities include also transport in general, building physics and biomedical applications. CENAERO is active in a large number of FP7 research projects, in particular with activities in simulating and designing high-pressure turbine blade internal cooling devices (Ericka, H2IGCC) and high-resolution techniques for scale-resolving CFD (IDIHOM). CENAERO employs 53 researchers, of which about 50% hold a PhD in engineering, physics or mathematics.
Expertise: The Argo team consists of 4 people working on the development of an unstructured high-resolution simulation tool for turbulent and transitional flows, acoustics and manufacturing processes. Argo is currently recognized as one of the leading groups in the industrialization of such methods; this team is further complemented by three PhD researchers at Belgian universities. The Argo tool is currently in development and already validated for the regimes relevant to the proposed heat exchangers.The Minamo team consists of 5 people and is dedicated to the development of the optimization tool suite by the same name. Minamo is installed at Safran, for which CENAERO has been accredited as an official research partner, and used on a daily basis at CENAERO for the multidisciplinary optimization of compressor and fan blades, as well as for cooling channels. Being a generic tool, Minamo can be coupled to a generic simulation tool chain, and is also applied eg. for radiation therapy planning.
Role in Project: The development of a computational chain for the prediction of heat transfer of the treated surfaces as well as their optimization. In a later stage CENAERO will exploit this chain to optimize the surface thereby including manufacturing constraints.